My Mission

My name is Laree’, I am an award-winning, produced screenwriter, with a master screenwriter certificate. Check out my IMDB page here.

To give my clients the best possible guidance that will move their projects forward and get them out into the world where they belong.

Here’s the quote I keep in front of me and read every day before giving coverage.

“Most people dramatically underestimate how good they are, or overestimate how good they are. Your job is to hold up the mirror and give them the truth, so they can make the changes needed to win.”

~ Harvey Dorfman

Script Coverage Services

Basic Screenplay Coverage Plus 30-Minute Consultation $199.00

Story & Structure

In-depth notes about the primary plot as well as sub-plots of your story.

Scene and Dialogue Overview

A look at your scene arcs with descriptions and a critique of the strength of the dialogue throughout the script.

Character Notes

Feedback and recommendations for turning your characters into A-List roles.

Marketability Meter

Marketable rating on Title, Concept, Genre, Actor Roles

14 Point Scorecard

Scene-by-Scene notes + Basic Coverage +
30-Minute Consultation + Second Look $299.00

Everything that is in my Basic Coverage Package above, plus:

Scene-by-Scene Notes

Notes and entertainment rating for each and every scene.

30-Minute Coaching Call

We’ll talk about whatever is on your mind about your project and see if we can get you a breakthrough.

Rewrite Punch List Coverage $549.00

Designed to get your script ready for market, enter a contest, or achieve a solid writing sample so you can get writing assignments or representation.

  • Page-by-page Coverage specifically for your rewrite. (Value 375.00)
  • Sequential personalized punch list to tackle your rewrite (Value 125.00)
  • When you’re finished I’ll give your script a second-look.  ( Value 90.00)
  • You’ll get a 20-point scorecard that includes marketing scores (Value 65.00)
  • Two  30- minute consultation calls that you can use at any time. (Value 65.00)
  • Purchased a la carte the cost would be 720.00 you get it all for just $525.00 or 2 monthly payments of $300.00

This package is perfect if you need a fresh perspective, a  little coaching, and a bit of project management to tackle that rewrite. 

Rewrites are the tough part of screenwriting. They’re also where you grow the most as a writer and creative artist. You can do this!

Payment Plan Two Monthly Payments $300.00

“I feel very fortunate to have chosen Laree Griffith for Coverage on my TV script. After following her astute advice, she gave it a Recommend.  It then went on to become a Finalist in a major international competition.  Her additional talent as a designer quadrupled the impact of my Pitch Bible and was seen by all readers as an exemplary example of what a Pitch Bible should look like—visual and concise.  I highly recommend her if you want your product to shine its best. 

Nick Walsh

 I am in awe of how much you cleaned up just about everything. You pinpointed exactly which blocks of dialogue you thought I could shorten without losing the meaning, which slug lines could benefit from changing the order of words, and most importantly, what wasn’t clear to you.

Marsha Mayor

“I just received my coverage report, and I am in awe. What an incredible gift! Laree provides absolutely expert Big Picture and Scene-by-Scene coverage that is so encouraging, motivating, and constructive.”  

Patricia J. Ruland

Laree is my go-to analyst for screenplay coverage.  At the point when you think your story’s structure and storyline are as good as they can be, send your work to Laree.  Her analysis and perspective will help you elevate your script to the next level.                  –

Jim Durkey, Optioned Screenwriter

“So happy to have the benefit of your excellent review. Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read my script and provide such stellar feedback!”

Frances Presley

“I endorse Laree for screenwriter, script consulting, script doctor. She’s a rare find. You can’t go wrong working with her.” 

Marvin Glover

“Laree’s feedback was quick but thorough. I’m delighted that she’s able to hone in on some key needs to make the script so much better. It always helps to get extra eyes on a script, but when the feedback is professional and constructive, it helps immensely. Laree’ has that gift and I’ll recommend and use her feedback services again.”

Sheilase C

Have a question about my coverage services? Send me a message!