Marketing Mentorship Workshop

Do you enjoy creating and sharing your work with the world, but when it comes to marketing, your heart sinks a little?

Maybe you send a few emails, worry if anyone actually ever saw your email, get a couple of no responses, and then after a month, decide it’s not the right time, it’s not worth it, or you must be missing some secret to marketing.

I’m 100% certain you can create a marketing strategy that fuels you instead of drains you. When you have a fun, easy, sustainable marketing plan that’s built to fit your lifestyle and your personality, you will even enjoy it.

I’ve been a student of marketing for over a decade and have learned from some of the best marketing and sales coaches around.

Now I want to help you design a marketing plan that is a work of art in and of itself. I created this one-on-one eight-week workshop where you and I will create and implement a customized 30-day marketing plan just for your project.

It’s called the Marketing Mentorship Workshop.

This personalized one-on-one workshop is for anything you want to put out into the world a screenplay, TV pilot; it can be a book, artwork, a podcast…wherever your creativity has led you.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Eight one-on-one weekly coaching calls
  • Feedback and coaching on your current marketing content
  • Feedback and coaching on your current marketing strategy
  • Together we will create a marketing strategy you will be able to implement all year long and that’s crafted to your current lifestyle, projects, and goals
  • We’ll also create a 30-Day customized plan for launching your completed project, that you can rinse and repeat
  • Unlimited coaching as you put your plan into play for 30-days
  • Coaching on marketing mindset, obstacles, and communicating
  • A system to evaluate your marketing results
  • Templates for querying prospects
  • Daily marketing tips and mindset inspiration in your inbox when you start your marketing

Price:  $800 for 8-Weeks of one-on-one coaching

Need a payment plan? Send me a message and we will set something up.

Have Questions about the program? Set up a free 15-minute consult here


  • You will get an email with a link to schedule your first call.
  • Gather and prepare your current marketing material and send it over.
  • On your first call, we will pick a weekly day and time for your coaching sessions
  • In the first 4 coaching calls, we will work on your marketing material, creating your 30-Day Plan, and address any mindset issues you might be having when it comes to marketing. Believe me, I’ve had them all.
  • In the final 4 weeks, you will implement your 30-Day plan and we will have weekly coaching calls to discuss your progress, talk about any obstacles you might come up against, and celebrate any success stories you create.