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The Power of Taking Responsibility - Laree' Griffith

The Power of Taking Responsibility

Today’s Tiny Talk is about claiming full responsibility for your solutions and results when it comes to your creative projects, your dreams, and your goals. 

When you believe your results are the fault of someone else or due to a set of circumstances, it’s easy to get stuck in a place of confusion where it feels like there are no solutions available. This is because circumstances and other people are largely out of our control. 

When you’re trying to figure out a solution to move forward on your projects and get the results you want, there’s a big difference when you are asking from place of confusion versus from a place of taking full responsibility for finding the solutions.

You might be asking questions like:

Why haven’t I found a manager yet? 

I’m not sure what to do next.

How do I get more script requests?

Why am I getting so many rejections on this project?

Come at it instead by assuming full responsibility for the problem and solution. Here’s a template that you can use to do this. 

  1. I have the results I have because of (this thing I am responsible for).

I have the results I have because I have only reached out to 20 potential managers in the past six months. 

  1. This (thing I control) is truly the problem, and (this other thing I can control) is my solution.

This lack of a marketing plan for consistently reaching out to potential managers is truly the problem, and blocking out five hours a week to focus on marketing my project to a manager for the next three months is my solution.

  1. I will (action for moving forward) to correct it.

I will create a marketing plan every quarter that focuses on my current goals or the results I want to get to correct it.

This applies to everything in our lives that we want to create or whenever we’re getting results that are different from what we are expecting.  

When you take responsibility for a problem and stop blaming outside circumstances for that problem, you have to look to yourself for what caused the current result, and to what you can control yourself for the solution. And that is pretty powerful. 

Remember, when you blame outside circumstances or other people for problems, the solution will feel complicated. It becomes dependent on what is happening in the world and how other people act; you have zero power or control over getting the results you want or don’t want.

Always bring the problem and the solution back to you. And look at the things you can control. Keep looking until the solution becomes obvious. This kind of approach to your projects will give you back the power to work with what is in your control.

Take this concept and put it to work on anything you are struggling to complete, new things you create, and anything that will help you move your dreams forward. 


Please note this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t as for help or seek feedback. That’s not what I’m saying. This process will help you ask for the right kind of help that is going to move things forward for you.

Thanks for listening, today. If you would like to know more about how creativity coaching can help you with your projects, book a free consult here and let’s talk!