The Box

How do you make progress on your projects or in your career, or even just manage your day, when life gets under your skin? This sometimes happens for extended periods and even for seasons.

I have a great little tool for that! 

It is possible to hold space for a crazy kind of life and still get your important creative projects done such as writing that book or screenplay, creating a body of art, producing a play, whatever your creative goals are. 

You don’t have to wait for everything to calm down before you move forward – just a side note. I’m not saying you should just plow through at all costs; it’s a choice like everything else and sometimes, the best choice is to take a break from your creative projects and fully engage with whatever else is going on. 

I want to share with you a tool that I use every day to help me stay on track even when things feel like crap, or when life becomes super challenging but I’ve committed to showing up.  

It’s called The Box and I use it before I get on any coaching calls with my clients or when I want to focus on writing content or working on a project.

As a coach, I get paid to fully focus on a client and their obstacles and projects so they can move forward after each and every session. If I am in my head worried about my own life, the bills, what I’m going to have for dinner, or I’m thinking about one of my personal relationships, it means I’m not fully present for my client. They’re not getting the full value of the coaching session if I’m only half present. 

It’s the same with when I’m writing my podcast or working on a screenplay. If I have split energy with one foot in my head and the other in the world of my screenplay, it’s going to show in my work and that work will not have the impact I want it to have. 

Here’s what I do; it’s my little ritual so please feel free to make it your own.

I have a box. It’s a little 4×6 decorative black and white paper box. What I do is before each coaching call, I do a brain dump onto paper of all the thoughts swimming around in my head, my mental to-do list, anything that is causing me anxiety when I let my mind run around. 

Then I tell myself that I will come back to these things but for now, they are not to disturb me until whatever task or event I have planned is complete. 

Sometimes the little box acts like a jack-in-the-box and I have to stuff its little body back in the box but most of the time, the thoughts stay in the box until I let them out again. 

After the thoughts are safely tucked away in the box, I remind myself that what I have in this moment is everything I need; I am sufficient, I am ready to serve, and the only thing I need to do is be present for my client.

Give it a try the next time you want to focus on something and see if it helps. 

I think this may be the shortest episode yet! That is why I call it Tiny Talks – I like to keep things to the point, short, and instantly applicable.  

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