7 Pillars for a Healthy and Creative Life

As I was thinking about my coaching style and process, I decided I would write a manifesto of what I believe are the seven pillars of my practice and what I want to work on with others. 

I also plan on revisiting this manifesto every quarter to elevate it and hone in even more on the power of these seven pillars. 

These pillars have allowed me to move toward a bigger version of myself, not just as a creator but as a human being. They allow me to experience life more fully and make the most of my time on earth. 

These are the pillars that have changed my life and that I want to build my practice upon so they can change the lives of my clients, too.

Too many creatives focus only on the result or reward of what they create or consume. They think they have to earn a happy life and that success is what brings them happiness. They are waiting for happiness – or success – and they think it’s out there somewhere and that it must be earned and given to them by someone else. 

There is a better way, and I believe that cultivating these seven areas of your life will create a life that is lived fully, one where you take responsibility for how you walk in the world and have your own back no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Here’s the manifesto I came up with about these seven pillars.


It’s not just what you create in the world but how you create, using your abilities, your talent, your dreams, your inspiration, your own passions, and collaborations.

I believe everyone is wildly creative, far beyond what they believe about themselves. 

I’m on a mission to strike the phrase “I’m just not creative” off the face of the earth. It’s a big old thought error.

I believe creativity can change the world far more powerfully and efficiently than politics, boundaries, or rules and regulations ever could.  


Productivity is how you make the most of your time, but it’s not about seeing how much you can check off your to-do list or how many tasks you can stuff into your calendar.

It’s about making room for the things that matter to honor our limited time here on this planet.

I believe that productivity is what allows us to add massive value to the world.

I believe that productivity and creativity can be best friends. 

Simplicity is the key to productivity.


It’s the fire that burns inside each of us and fuels our existence. 

I believe inspiration can come from anywhere, anyone, anything, and at any time.

I believe that the inspiration pillar is fueled by the other six pillars. 

Inspiration cultivates commitment, courage, and creativity.


It’s both your mental and physical energy.

I believe in integrated health – it’s not just what we consume through our mouths but what we consume through our brains.

Good physical health and good mental health are what sustain and elevate all the other pillars.

Being healthy is contagious and has a ripple effect on the world and its resources.

Good mental and physical health cultivate the sustainable energy necessary for creating what you want in this world. 

Feeling good mentally and physically creates the kinds of thoughts that inspire you into action. 

I believe in eating consciously.

I believe in thinking intentionally.


High-quality relationships will lift you up above the noise and oppression.

They challenge you to become the best version of yourself.

I believe in surrounding yourself with people you love being around.

Good relationships create purpose. 

I believe even introverts and shy people need strong relationships. 


Like inspiration, joy wells up from inside of you. 

I believe that joy is a gift that comes from gratefulness. 

I believe joy inspires the other six pillars.

I believe joy is an appreciation of where you are right now.  

Joy is a state of sufficiency.

Sharing Your Work in the World

Sharing your work in the world can bring prosperity.

When you prosper, you can share more with others.

Sharing your work can add massive value to the world or to just one person. 

Sharing your work can inspire the world to change.

Sharing your work can create opportunities for you and many others.

Sharing your work is an invitation to the universe to collaborate with you.

Sharing your work is exciting.

Sharing your work in the world cultivates inner strength and healthy vulnerability.

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