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5 Steps to Conquer The Thing

This week I struggled to put together the podcast. 

I let myself get distracted with the news and all the awful things and I started spiraling into this sort of reactive state of mind. For me, it looks like freezing in place while my mind spins endlessly.

And that’s okay – it happens. I caught it and I’m back!

So, I thought I would share with you today how I got out of the spiral and finally got this Tiny Talk done that you’re listening to, even when I really didn’t feel like doing it at all.

I’m going to take you quickly through this exercise in real-time as I write this Tiny Talk so you can see how powerful it is and how easy it is. It’s going to help you avoid spending hours, weeks, or months in a funk over something you want to do but can’t seem to get started.

Step 1: Name the Thing

Weekly Podcast

Step 2: Thoughts About the Thing

I don’t want to

No one cares

It feels too heavy

I can’t think of a good topic

I’m tired 

It’s hard

I got nothing

The world is going to hell, what’s the point?

Step 3: How to Accomplish the Thing

Decide to do it 

Decide topic

Run it through know-feel-do

Set a timer for 30 minutes – write first draft

Send to proofreader

Record podcast

Edit podcast

Post podcast

Step 4: Clean Up Thoughts About the Thing

I want to create value for others

There is at least one person who cares

I can make this light

I can think of at least 10 topics right now

I’m feeling more energetic about this 

This feels easy when I break it down and drop the drama

I have so much to offer

By helping one person, I will create a ripple effect in the world

Step 5: Do the Thing

My 30-minute timer just went off!

It doesn’t matter what the size of your thing is. This will work for you. And you’ll feel so much better; it’s like cleaning a cluttered room in your brain so you can finally have the space to create something beautiful.

I hope you find this exercise super useful. Use it today. Use it forever.

PS. If you want to create amazing things in this life and at an elevated level, you need two things: an outside perspective that’s not your own and time to think. That is the value of getting coached. Sign up for a complimentary consult here.