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Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving! - Laree' Griffith

Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving!

So, here’s a torture tip for a character.

Make her a foodie who loves movies, books, and documentaries about food, and whose screenplays always involve a pretty big food connection.

She loves food so much that she wrote the editor of Saveur to break up with them when they went full-on digital.

No more hours sitting with the magazine sipping wine, looking at the lovely photos, and reading about all the wonderful cuisine explorations of its writers. That activity, that glossy magazine of perfection was on her list of “Ways to spend time if I had only 24 hours to live.”

Then, let your character have it.

Give her the worst gallbladder attack of her life and send her to the ER where she has to wait for a bed and be scheduled for surgery on Thanksgiving, of all days. With no Saveur Magazine.

Have her wake up to this:

“Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome” ~ Paul Simon

The Jell-O is kind of festive and sexy-looking, yes?

If you haven’t guessed, this is a true story.

I’m just getting ready to head home from three lovely nights at the hospital, where I eventually had to say goodbye to my gallbladder.

Not asking for sympathy, but feel free to send some virtual love my way. I’ll take it. Just hit Reply and tell me how your turkey dinner turned out…I love hearing food stories.

Then take some time to be thankful for every dinner. They are all precious and special.

Food is not only nourishing, but it’s beautiful and creates special moments between family and friends. It also teaches us so much about culture, tradition, and how we connect with our world.

Food is a teacher, a lover, an art form, a connector, it can also be an enemy.

It really encompasses all of life. Food is life.

It’s my turn to celebrate and appreciate you. I have a special holiday offer; it’s my way of saying thank you and to cheer you on to a wildly productive 2022.

You can purchase my Rewrite Screenplay Coverage and get a second one free to use anytime in 2022!

Here’s what’s included :

  • Page-by-Page Notes on your script
  • Two Additional Reads of Your Script
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  • Scene entertainment rating on a scale from 1-10 + updated after the final read
  • 14 – Point Script Elements Scorecard + updated after the final read
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  • Two 30-Minute Consultation

Times all that by two! How’s that for incentive to get it done?

The price is just 375.00

​Get your Buy one Get one free here

Offer Expires November 30th!

I also want to celebrate you for trusting me to work with you on your projects. I don’t take that lightly and I enjoy it so much. My whole end game is to see you succeed and get your projects out into the world.

Take good care of yourself!


P.S. For my final act, I’m going to ask my nurses Jacob and Abby if I can use their names in my next screenplay. Those names go together beautifully.

The doctor that performed the surgery his name is Rush. He’s long gone, so maybe I will name Jacob and Abby’s puppy– Rush.

If they ever saw the film they would never figure it out? At least I’m getting some inspiration out of this little side trip to hell!

P.S.S. For those of you who listen to Tiny Talks I will resume next week!