Five-Step Marketing Plan For Screenwriters and Other Creative Artists

If you have no idea how to begin marketing your creative projects, this free mini-training is for you!

Never get stuck on how to market your creative projects again.

It’s a five-step process to get all your projects out into the world where they belong. 

Are you ready? Grab a beverage, some writing tools, and let’s do this. 

Oh, one more thing–you might want to give your inner critic five dollars and send him to your local coffee shop while you do this training.

If you would like to dive deeper and get one-on-one coaching for each of these five steps, join me in my one-on-one 8-week Marketing Mentor Workshop. We’ll work together and create a plan just for your lifestyle and projects.

Find out more here:


Put this training into practice and get your work out into the world where it belongs!


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